Naturally-Shaped Massage Stones 40-pc (no box)

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Peruvian Basalt -the best for Hot Stone Massage Therapy, retaining heat better than any other stone.

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Choose from a selection of different Peruvian Naturally Shaped Massage Stones sets designed to get you started in hot massage stone therapy or take your hot stone massage therapy practice to the next level. Every basalt stone in our sets is hand selected from the shores of Peru. Peruvian basalt is considered the best for hot stone massage because it retains heat longer and has a higher mineral content than any other stone in the world.  

Product Details

Each of our hot massage stones is sourced from naturally occurring basalt rockBasalt is a volcanic rock that contains healing elementslike oxygen and magnesium. It also is rich in iron and silica which allows it to retain heat very well. Our hot massage stones have been smoothed and shaped by the forces of the sea and found along coastal areas in Peru. Peruvian basalt is considered the most superior in the world because it has the highest mineral content and retains heat the best. Each stone has been hand selected for its size and shape to correspond with various parts of the body making every stone ideal for hot massage stone therapy.

Each stone has been power cleaned before being sorted and packaged. Please note that our massage stones are not coated with oil and may have a lighter appearance than that in the pictures. The stones will become darker in color when they come in contact with oil.

Massage stones can be used as an extension of the therapists’ hands during massage or simply placed on various parts of the body to administer therapeutic heat. The heat from the stones relaxes the clients’ muscles allowing the therapist to penetrate problem areas more deeply and effectively. The overall effect of a hot stone massage is increased circulation, improved blood flow, and reduction of toxins in the body.

Bamboo Storage Box (not included)

Choose from one of our Peruvian Naturally Shaped Massage Stones Sets!

40-Piece Basic Therapy Stone Set

This set is ideal for those practitioners starting their journey into the world of hot stone massage therapy. The set comes with enough stones to effectively work your client's muscles at a professional level.

  • 8 Toe Stones (1" to 1.5")
  • 8 Facial Stones (Size: 1.5" to 2")
  • 8 Small Working Stones (Size: 2" to 2.5")
  • 8 Medium Working Stones (Size: 2.5" to 3")
  • 8 Large Back /Thigh Stones (Size: 3" to 3.5")

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