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Online review submissions at are a key component for both the customer and the massage therapists they review. Please abide by the following guidelines and standards, so we can keep the published reviews in our community accurate and fair.


Customer Guidelines and Standards

·       You must be 18 years of age or older to post a review.

·       The review must be a first-hand account of your personal experience with the therapist.

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Therapist Guidelines and Standards

·       Therapists must not review their own service and are discouraged from reviewing any colleagues.

·       Please respond to any customer feedback in a positive and respectful manner.

· will not delete any valid reviews of any therapist even if they are negative, so long as the review falls within our posting guidelines.

·       Keep the identity of any customer review private when addressing any concern.

·       If you believe someone posted a fraudulent review of your service that is a direct infraction of our review posting policy or an infringement on your rights, please notify us immediately: Guidelines and Standards

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