Medical Face Mask 3 Boxes (50pc / box)

Product overview

Breath with protection, adjustable nosepiece and elastic earloops

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PROCEDURE MASK WITH EARLOOPS 3 Boxes (50pcs / box), surgical mask, medical mask, ASTM L1 APPROVED face mask



The soft fibrous materials prevents pressure to wear the mask. breath freely while the non-woven fabric layers blocking the harmful microorganism and particles in the air.

  • High efficiency filtering material
  • Suitable for long-time wearing



  • Full width adjustable nose piece,
  • Ultrasonically sealed, perfectly match the face shape;
  • The high-elastic comfort-soft, latex-free earloop is easy to wear.
  • Breathing force is over 10N



The dense mesh air vent lined up in neat rows and greatly reduces the air resistance during breathing, and the wearer feels light and weightless, as smooth as natural breathing.


  • Ultra fluid resistant
  • High BFE
  • Exceeds acorn standards
  • Sealed, soft, latex-free
  • High breathability
  • Adjustable nose piece
  • Procedure Level -Meets ASTM Level 1 by Eurofins Lab Testing in USA. Thinka Mask average BFE & PFE Efficiency lab report are 99.8%, it's already bit ASTM L3 requirements. Fluid Resistance Level 1 80mm Hg.
  • Doctor Procedure Surgical Level Mask
  • Contain high quality Melt-blown Fabric on middle layer which can maximum Block High BFE and PFE (3 layer total)
  • Tight ear-loops and design to cover on your face.
  • Health Canada Medical Device Establishment License. License Number: 12163
  • Single use
  • Latex free
  • Light blue frontal side
  • White back side
  • ≥10N earloops



  • ≥95%BFE
  • ≥95%PFE
  • 4.0 ΔP(mmH20/cm2)
  • 80mmHg fluid resistance
  • Class 1 flame spread


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