Massage Tool Set

Product overview

Includes the 'Diving Dolphin Massager', 'Thumb Booster', 'Massage Roller' and 'Knobble II'.

Our Price: $80.00

Product Summary

This massage tool set includes the following (from left to right, top to bottom): Palm Urchin, Relax Hammer, Therapist's Thumb, Mushroom Massage Tool, and Massage Roller.

Product Details

Diving Dolphin Massager
Sturdy and easy to use
The Diving Dolphin massage tool is simple and efficient.  It has a small, compact shape that fits easily in your hand and can be carried anywhere. Use this colorful massage tool over the entire body for a soothing massage sensation. Ideal for use on your clients or yourself!

Thumb Booster
Say "Goodbye" to thumb pain.
The Thumb Booster is ergonomically shaped to fit perfectly in your hand and gives you the power to deliver an effective deep tissue massage without any strain on your hands or joints. Work longer hours without fatigue or risk of injury with this magic tool! The Thumb Booster can be held in several different ways including the standard hold, which is ideal for deep tissue massage, or the reverse hold, which works well for muscle stripping. Using the Thumb Booster will allow you to massage more deeply than using your thumbs alone. It is great for trigger point therapy, too!
Dimensions: 6"x1"x 2"

Massage Roller
Great for Spinal Massage.
This handsome, beech wood massage tool saves therapists’ fingers from needless stress and provides them with an expanded range of massage techniques. The Massage Roller is ideal for use on the back and is particularly suited for deep tissue techniques and spinal massage. Massaging the spine benefits not just the back but also various digestive organs including the intestines. The tool is also effective for use on oneself. The Massage Roller is ideal for doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists and physical therapists. 
Length: 14.96 in
Width: 2.6 in

Knobble II
Can be used for broad strokes or intense pressure.
The Knobble® II is a minimalist tool you can use every day to work on both trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage. The base is held in the palm of the hand, and the smoothly rounded tip is used to apply pressure. The Knobble II is made of a durable polymer to save wear and tear on hands when applying deep, prolonged pressure. This tool helps your hands do more, and ultimately last longer.

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